We are delighted to welcome you to Timaja enterprise limited - Zambia website as well as take you on a Company tour to share the role that Timaja enterprise limited plays in the lives of our different Clients.

We are a leading Company in Exploration and Diamond Drilling and provider of information / Data solutions, by the results that can be presented i.e. Chemical assay, Mineralogical etc. This therefore can be achieved if Safety Health and Environment Quality are clearly considered for the betterment of Company and Clients in respect of the Communities Authority.

Our footprint is across the Copper belt, Northern, Luapula provinces of Zambia. In particular Mopani copper mines-Glenco, Konkola copper mines-Vedanta, Lubambe copper mine and many more mining companies.

Timaja is committed to delivering quality Drilling for all its Clients, which is at the core of our business.  We believe that putting our Clients interest at the centre of every business ensures overall sustainability of any business and is mutually beneficial to both the Clients and ourselves. 

All our Drilling technics are specially developed to make life better for all our Clients across the various segments; from the youth fresh out of school to the pensioner, we have a solution to enable them at least their life better at every stage by providing different Job opportunities.

Our role in Zambia and other countries goes beyond the provision of good Drilling services solutions at Low cost. We are passionate and have a big part to play in transforming and enabling economies including the Zambian economy by Jobs creation even in the crisis situations.

Timaja is a good Company citizen that meets its legal, ethical and economic obligations.  In this regard, we shall continue to support our communities through a robust Corporate Social Investment (CSI) plan that engages different stakeholders from different walks of life. 

We always aim to excel in everything we do and to be where we are in the industry today is tremendous achievement in our young history.