The prevailing business and economic environmental in Zambia did not allow the initiators of TIMAJA ENTERPRISES to establish the company on a single line business activity. This means therefore that the company business activity is BROAD BASED; hence TIMAJA’S broad based goes beyond our customer needs and satisfaction..

The company is currently engaged in Exploration Diamond drilling Mining operations with Mopani Copper Mines plc, Mindola North shaft, Mindola sub-vertical, Nkana central shaft, and South Ore Body, Nkana Open pits (Surface), and Mufulira Site; Other small contracts with DN Consulting Associate and Scot Wilson Zambia in connection with rural rectification projects under ZESCO projects in Exploration drilling, dry core Drilling and Geotechnical holes in Lunzua Power station – Mbala, Musonda hydro power station – Mansa, Chishimba Hydro power station – Kasama and Lusiwasi Power station – Serenje.